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Flexible Fees

The costs of legal services and representation are one of the primary barriers to accessing the legal rights that you or your child may be entitled to. SEN Law strives to make this process as transparent and affordable as possible without sacrificing quality or efficacy. SEN Law offers various flexible fee arrangements based on the services or representation provided. 

A. Initial Consultation - flat fee, credited towards services or representation.

B. Advice & Counsel only - flat fee per session.

Special Education:

  1. Legal services only - Flat fee, e.g., review of student records, correspondence with schools, procedural guidance on special education matters.

  2. Limited Representation - Flat fee or hourly rate, depending on the specific tasks or objectives requested by client and complexity of the matter.

  3. Full Representation - Hourly rate depending on the stage and complexity of the proceeding.

 Note: The terms and scope of the legal services, limited, or full representation will be provided in the written    


SEN Law recognizes that one of the greatest obstacles to obtaining important legal services or representation is cost. The ability to exercise your legal rights is essential to improving the quality and dignity of life for your loved ones. SEN Law offers a number of flexible options that can range from advice and counsel and unbundled services to limited or full representation.

Basic Disability Needs Planning:

Unbundled legal services - task-based fee (per legal document) or flat bundled rate (for multiple legal documents). Limited or full representation may be provided on a case-by-case basis depending on the objectives of the client and complexity of the matter.

  1. Guardian Advocate appointment

  2. Advance directive
    a. Living Will
    b. Health Care Surrogate
    c. Durable Power of Attorney 

  3. Transition planning (school-to-community)

  4. Related matters


NOTE: All fee arrangements are effective only when a signed, written agreement is established between the        

            attorney and client.

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