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The school district's officials and administrators know (or should know) what types of specially designed instruction, services, supports, and accommodations your child is entitled to and requires to achieve meaningful educational benefits. At times, you and your child's school may not agree and legal advocacy is required to ensure that your child receives all of the supports entitled to her or him by law. 


It is important for parents and guardians to understand these educational rights and the school's accompanying responsibilities to effectively advocate for their child in the school system. Ultimately, SEN Law wants to enable parents to achieve their educational goals in a manner that is the most appropriate to their child's individual needs and circumstances.

SEN Law advises and represents families on all aspects of Special Education issues:
* Records request and review
* Evaluation
* Eligibility
* IEP development
* Program placement
* School discipline
* Mediation
* Section 504 plans/accommodations
* State complaint
* Settlement negotiation
* Transition Planning (age 14-16+)
* Due Process hearing
* Manifestation determination hearing
* Related educational matters
The scope and terms of representation can be tailored to meet the short-term and long-term needs of your child or family member with a disability. ​​
SEN Law provides basic Special Needs planning services for families:
* Guardian Advocate appointment
* Supported decision making: person-centered        planning, employment, money management,        housing, transportation
* Advance directives: health care  
   surrogate, living will, durable power of 
   attorney (DPOA)
* Preneed guardian (for minor)
* General public benefits advising: Agency for  
   Persons with Disabilities (APD), Medicaid       
   Waiver, ABLE accounts, SSDI/SSI
* Related family law matters for families with    
   disabilities - divorce, support, time-sharing.
NOTE: Referrals can be made to an appropriate lawyer if complex estate or tax planning issues arise, including special needs trusts in the course of legal services or representation.


SEN Law’s objective is to advocate for what is in the best interest of the student, child, or family member at all times. Typically, this means showing a willingness to be open-minded and exploring productive resolutions.


SEN Law embraces a multidisciplinary approach to special education advocacy.  Often, this means seeking the guidance and expertise of professionals such as Social Workers, Behavior Analysts, Psychologists, Therapists, and Physicians when appropriate.  Just as "it takes a village to raise a child," it also takes cooperation and collaboration to educate a child. Every person has an important role to play in the educational process.

Additionally, preparing for post-school living, employment, and continuing education can be a stressful time for families with a disabled child. SEN Law can assist with this transition by providing advocacy and links to resources and providers in the community. Future planning is vital to give peace of mind to parents, guardians, or caregivers and to ensure continuity of care in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

Concerns about education and community living are foremost for families with disabilities. SEN Law is privileged to be a part of affirming the value and dignity of persons with disabilities and unique needs. Healthy families are the foundation of healthy communities. 

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